We Develop the Creative Skill Sets You Weren't Taught in School

Only the people that focus on and grow their level of creativity will thrive in today's ever changing world.

Greyspace provides organization creativity assessments, classes, custom one-on-one training, and tools to open  creative skills for your team and leaders.

We are committed to pushing the arc of human talent and ingenuity. Technology is an amplifier of human creativity and essential to unlocking personal and professional growth.  Creativity places individuals at the innovative forefront and prepares people for the future, come what may.

The world’s ability to store, compute, and communicate information has grown 23% annually since 1986 (Neumier). Greyspace seeks to push the bounds of human creativity and imagination at the same rate, if not faster.

Greyspace advances personal and professional pursuits towards exponential growth, never settling for linear paths. Our purpose is to take the inherent creativity within each individual and empower people to live up to their creative potential.


Use All Five Developed Greyspace in Response to the Creativity Gap

Schools don't train people to be creative workers, capable of generating inspired insights and taking ingenious action. Most organizations don't either – but yours can.

Training should be a persistent activity in your organization, and it should involve more than how to use SAP products.



Greyspace is located in Los Angeles

Los Angele is the hub of creativity. We don't believe in offices.